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Sep 30, 2012


A BIGSMOKE REPORT. Romney spokesperson, Twatie Belch, today announced that, if elected, President Romney's winter White House will be in the Cayman Islands. 
The Cayman Net News reports that the Official Real Estate Sponsor of the Romney for President Campaign, Sothebys, is scouting various properties on Grand Cayman. Belch explained that Mitt's previous Cayman holdings consisted of a safety deposit box at Barclay's Bank and a desk drawer in a local attorney's office.
Asked why he picked the Caymans, Belch answered, “He just loves turtles.”
Belch said she had nothing to report on Romney's summer plans but thought possible sites might include Andorra, Monaco and Chamonix.


Bigsmoke Reports is America's prime source of fictional news. Bigsmoke, himself, is a respected fictional newsman. FunnyMondays lured him away from one of the major newspapers in the New York City area where fictional news is offered on a daily basis. Anonymity was a condition of his employment. He will report on the activities of FunnyMondays’ bumbling bunch of characters as well as current events in the fictional world.

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Bigsmoke Report
Bigsmoke Reports is America’s prime source of fictional news. Bigsmoke, himself, is a respected fictional newsman.
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